Alaskan Malamutes are dogs that are bred for activity. They have a seemingly never-ending supply of energy that they willingly spend and use whether they are inside the house or outside. This is due highly in part of their breeding the Alaskan Malamute is bred for work, often used as sled dogs and search and rescue dogs in the place where it gets its name from, Alaska. That being said, these dogs could have potential risks, both in their health as well as their owners. this calls for some basic Alaskan Malamute care know-how for their owners.

Proper Alaskan Malamute care is a must – one should know is that these dogs thrive and revel in outdoor activities. As such, owners should give time for their dogs to frolic and run around in parks and other designated areas outside in order for their dogs to stay healthy and fit. Alaskan Malamute care is also needed when talking about their food intake and overall well-being these dogs are particularly prone to bloating, since these dogs would often eat and consume any and all food that is made available to them. If left unattended, the dogs run the risk of becoming overweight. To remedy this, owners should monitor their dogs food intake, making sure that their dogs are not eating too much or too little. Another facet of Alaskan Malamute care revolves around not letting them in hot places. True to their name, these dogs are more suited to cold temperatures they have thick double coats that are normally a necessity in cold, frigid temperatures. If left in places that are hot, they tend to become unruly and run the risk of overheating as well as dehydration. To avoid this, owners must place these dogs in a place that is not too hot and should always leave water provisions should their dogs need to drink. Proper shading of the owners property, particularly on one’s yard, is also advised, especially for properties that are located in sunny places. Also, the yard should be fenced, its bases buried and well-maintained; these dogs are known to dig up yards, and would try to escape an enclosure that is not well-constructed. That being said, these dogs are not suited in living in an apartment, since they need a wide space to venture and run about.

Proper Alaskan Malamute care is essential for a happy, healthy dog.