The Alaskan Malamute dog is considered one of the oldest breeds and were companions to the Mahlemut Eskimos of Alaska in their hunting activities, making these canines good house companions. The breed used to look after Eskimos children and help its owners carry heavy loads amidst cruel blizzards. Their huge build speaks for their ability to weather enormous weights and endure tough work.

It is not uncommon to mistake the Alaskan Malamute dog from the Siberian Husky though. But the two breeds differ in their disposition and physical features. Malamutes are bigger and weigh 75-85 lbs. while Huskies weigh 35-60 lbs. Malamutes have a wider range of color from white to gray to shades of red whereas Huskies often come in white, black, and in-between shades. Their eyes also tell a lot. Light blue eyes are ascribed to Huskies while darker eyes are associated with Malamutes. When it comes to their personality, Malamutes look gentler and even make poor guard dogs because of their friendly nature. Huskies have a more wily expression.

The Alaskan Malamute dog can be a bit stubborn so make sure to train it early before it starts developing a defiant attitude! With smaller animals and same sex dogs, Malamutes can be quite aggressive because they are by nature hunters and competitive. As with many breeds that have certain innate characteristics, however, this tendency can be tamed if the Malamute is trained to mingle with smaller animals and children. Due to their size, Malamutes are best kept in wide spaces where they can avoid bumping against furniture and other precious house items. They can be hard to temper and are natural diggers, so give them ample recreational area if you want to keep them behaved and free from boredom. You can also teach them how to pull objects at 6 months. The Malamutes can be helpful around the house and outside too so take advantage of their strength.

The Alaskan Malamute dog is known to be a quieter breed but it can be clumsy and excited especially at the sight of humans. Teach it a few commands so it can be at its best behavior around guests. A few treats and a pat do not fail to create wonders. It does not take too much to feed and groom Malamutes since their ancestors were used to moderate means of living. All they require is a healthy dose of attention and some fairly demanding work to keep them busy. Such could serve you well too!