The Alaskan Malamute is the largest Arctic dog. They are known for being loyal and intelligent. They are also very affectionate towards their owners. Compared to other dogs, they are quite friendly and loves to deal with children and even smaller animals. Some stories say that some Alaskan Malamutes raise kittens as their own. However, some males still have their hunting instinct so they might treat smaller animals as prey. With proper training, you can teach them to become friendlier towards strangers and other animals. They are relatively calmer than other breeds and are not as competitive or attention-seeking. However, training them could be quite a challenge. But if you establish your leadership over them, they will become gentler and more aware of what you want them to do.

This breed doesn’t eat much compared to other dogs. They are also not choosy with food. Though this is a good thing, this could lead to obesity and bloating. One of the good things about this dog is that they are not as noisy as others. Though they cant be raised in an apartment, they are still great indoors. With their friendliness, they cant be a watchdog. The Alaskan Malamute is a fun-loving dog and if you want them to become more fierce, then perhaps with proper training, you can achieve this. Still, their natural temperament is that they’re friendly and loyal. The Alaskan Malamute loves to please his or her owners and other humans watching. Thats why even if they are hard to train, they might just do what you say because they care about your response to what they are doing. This is a dog who will listen to everything you say and will follow you. 

Our 4 paw rating– Alaskan Malamutes are suitable for big families with big homes with a laid-back living atmosphere. 

Height: 22-26 inches, Weight: 70-95 pounds

Coat Care 
Their dense coat should be brushed twice a week. Because they are clean and odor-free, regular bathing is unnecessary. They shed a lot, and the dirt comes with the shedding. If you want to keep your Alaskan Malamute smelling fresh, it is best to just use dry shampoo.

Family Life 
They are great with children who know how to handle dogs. They are very loyal to their families but are not suitable as guard dogs due to their friendly traits. They love to please their owners so they can be trained to be well-mannered with their owners family.

Alaskan Malamutes will adapt to the lifestyle of your family with proper obedience training, affection and consistency.

Life expectancy 12-15 years
Check for hip dysplasia, chondrodysplasia and prone to bloating

Alaskan Malamutes love long walks. However, this is not recommended during the summer as they shed more than the usual at this season.

Though they may not be very easy to train, you can train them with basic tricks and most commands that are necessary for living with a family.